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Keep Austin Local: The Flower Studio, Rosedale's Neighborhood Flower Studio

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

The Flower Studio

By Amanda Messbauer

Coby Neal grew up in South Texas on the Rio Grande River but left for Southwest Texas University (Texas State University) after high school. His love for flowers started early during his senior year when he worked at a flower shop. Following college, he’s worked and owned multiple shops, in addition to developing the flower program for HEB that is now widely seen across all Central Markets. He also led event management at the food service company at Texas State that handled all of the food and flowers for the Alumni Association, including hosting for President Ford and a number of other celebrities.

In his fifty-plus years with flowers, Coby has seen flower trends come and go and come back over the years but always brings creativity to his arrangements and designs. Firmly rooted in the belief that flowers should match your personality, brides should expect a unique look for their special day following their one-on-one consultation. Coby and his team create bridal bouquets that are the perfect complement to your wedding dress to complete the look.

As the threat of local flower shops is in peril due to the rise of internet flower delivery service and grocery stores flower departments, The Flower Studio has been flourishing for nearly 25 years by specializing in special events and corporate accounts. If you visit The Driskill Hotel, you’ve seen Coby’s Christmas flower design in their lobby!

Coby Neal moved his flower shop to Hancock and Burnet a little over a year ago after nearly 25 years at their former 6th Street location. The new Rosedale location not only brought high visibility in a centrally-located part of town to his clients but also a larger shop in a high growth area. As we enter the holiday season, let’s all make a conscious effort to support local small business owners like Colby. The Flower Studio makes it easy to support with their incredibly talented team of florists. Whether you are searching for the perfect centerpiece, hostess gift or token of appreciation, The Flower Studio has a beautiful array of home plants, jewelry, geodes and more. Pop in for a visit and mention that Riemer Residential sent you.

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