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Most people dread the thought of moving, yet those same people love it when they move. Why? Most likely it’s emotional attachment and nostalgia for a beloved home. It’s understandable but yet a home that just doesn’t fit your needs any longer can make even the most loved home uncomfortable. Are you wondering if it’s time to move? Here are 6 telltale signs that you should consider putting the “for sale” sign up in your front yard. 1. Your Home is Too Small – One of the most common signs is that you’ve outgrown your home. 2. Your Home is Too Large – Life changes! Empty nesters often find the home too large and it’s maintenance too much when they finally have time to travel and relax. 3. Your Home is Too Expensive – Are you spending all your extra cash making repairs or do you want major upgrades to suit your lifestyle? 4. The Neighborhood is Losing Value – Neighborhoods do change over time, if yours is declining consider a move. 5. Changing the Weather – Have you finally tired of shoveling snow? A move to a warmer state could be the right move. 6. Change is Good – The last great reason to move is to try something new. Different style or location, if the home isn’t making you happy any longer, time to move.

Everyone knows Austin, Texas as being a fun, vibrant, and welcoming city because of how much it offers to both residents and visitors alike. It’s really not surprising that it’s one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. If you’re someone living in Austin and plan on selling your house soon, you’re not likely to run into many issues given how many people want to purchase homes in Austin. Even further, if you time when you sell your home during specific times of the year, then you have the opportunity to sell your home quickly and for an excellent price. Here’s the best time to sell in Austin and how you can take advantage of it.

If you want to sell fast. While some homeowners would prefer to sell their home for the highest value possible, others are more focused on selling quickly. Each has its own benefits, but if you want to sell a house fast in Austin, the best time to sell will be in June. During this month, homes sell about 7 days faster compared to other months. Because homes generally take about 2 months to sell after their listing date, plan to put your home on the market in April.

On the other side of the spectrum, homes are sold the slowest in the month of January and take about 18 days longer to sell compared to other months. If selling quickly is a priority, then the fall and winter months should be avoided. June is the best month to sell, but the surrounding summer months also show success with quicker sales.

If you want to sell for more money

Many homeowners make selling their home for the most money the top spot on their priority list. In Austin, the best time to sell your house for the most money is in the month of November. However, it’s important to note that according to the data, November is also the month when homes sell the slowest. In this fall month, homes sell for about 3.84% more than the yearly average. Given that Austin home’s sell for rather high prices, the additional 3.84% could mean thousands of dollars more on the sale! Plan on listing in September because homes in Austin take about 2 months to sell.

If you’re planning on selling for more money, don't wait until right after the New Year since homes tend to sell for substantially less compared to the yearly average. In January, the worst time to sell for more money, homes go for about 10% less. February isn’t too far behind.

Like we mentioned before, homes in Austin are fairly valuable and selling during the right time can be very beneficial. However, before you start making big decisions on when and how to sell your home, consult with a Riemer Residential real estate agent. They’ll be able to assess the market and the value of your home to make sure that at the end of the day, you make out with the best sale possible!

Luscious marshmallowy clouds of colorful meringue droplets, baked alaskas, madeleines, tarts and macarons stare out from Fluff Meringues & More’s modern and sunny bakery. Riemer Residential sat down with owner Kristin Collins to learn more about Fluff’s journey to Rosedale, which just celebrated their first year anniversary.

Seriously delicious treats!

Fluff started from a path of a necessity for Kristin. As a native Texan, Kristin graduated from UT in Advertising and moved on to earn her Masters in International Relations from England and a Masters in Nonprofit Management from Boston. Unfortunately, the economy crashed on the day she turned in her Master's dissertation and had to take a job that didn’t fulfill her but paid the bills. She moved back to Austin because she loves the multi-dimensional nature of the city that allows people to relax and be individuals.

Kristin started Fluff as a side hustle while continuing to pursue other corporate opportunities. When her dream job fell through in the last days of June 2014, she allowed herself a few days to be sad but then applied for her LLC on July 7th. Initially starting in her home kitchen, Fluff’s unique offerings started bringing in larger orders that required her to open a commercial kitchen to fulfill them. Although she had grandeurs of opening a bakery after the first six months, it took another 4 years to realize the dream. The commercial real estate market in Austin was competitive and pickings were slim! Kristin eventually found the perfect location in Rosedale. As a well-established neighborhood, Rosedale not only allows for stability but also growth beyond another trendy epicurean attraction. In September of 2018, Fluff moved into the former space Apothecary occupied.

In addition to her delectable treats, Fluff offers a variety of other services such as offsite catering and hosts parties for bridal or baby showers and Sweet 16’s. Fluff even offers space rental for a private holiday or corporate events. Also as a nod to England, Fluff offers tea parties for two or more that includes a selection of imported tea and an assortment of patisserie items.

Come visit Fluff Meringues & More at 4800 Burnet Road and tell them Riemer Residential sent you for 20% off purchase. They serve a variety of gluten free items and meringues are always fat-free, dairy-free and gluten-free!

Rosedale business owners Kristin Collins of (Fluff Meringues & More) & Shannan Riemer(Riemer Residential).

Riemer Residential Insider

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