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5 Things to Quit in 2022

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

Everyone’s making New Year’s resolution plans and adding things to their habit lists. But quitting things can be just as important as adding to your life! Here are just a few examples of things to quit this year:

5 Things To Quit in 2022

1️⃣ For sale by owner (FSBO) — if you want to have a stress-free year, you’ll avoid this at all costs. 2️⃣ Believing everything you read on Zillow. Take everything you see on similar sites with a grain of salt. 3️⃣ Overpricing your home. It doesn’t equal more profit! 4️⃣ Settling for the home you’ve outgrown. Your comfort and happiness are worth more! 5️⃣ Renting when you’re ready to own. Make that investment for yourself. What are you ready to quit this year?


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