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When You Lose Out On The Perfect Home

"I'm so sorry; my sellers went with another offer." Its never good to hear for anybody involved in a real estate offer, especially you, the buyer. By the time most buyers sign the offer, they have planned their first dinner party, selected rooms, and started shopping for furniture. So, there is no question that the news can feel like a gut punch.

Process the loss of your dream home. Its perfectly reasonable to mourn the loss of what could have been, and I even suggest taking a day or two to mourn the loss and regroup.

Make a list of the pros and, more importantly, the cons of this "perfect" home.

Ask your agent about the strength of your offer. When the winning offer is cash and 20% above asking price, there is nothing you can do, but when there are several similar offers on the table, there are compelling and creative ways you can sweeten your offer within the terms. More Earnest money down, shorten your option (have your inspector on call), and offer a lease back for the sellers are just a few.

Take a deep breath and move on-Once you have processed the loss, move on. The quicker the buyer can move on, the faster you will find the home the perfect home that is the right fit. There are so many cool homes in Austin, Texas; there is no question that you will find one that you love.


Shannan Riemer is a Realtor®, Aggressive house hunter, Creative marketer, CLHMS, Investor, Community volunteer & Austin enthusiast. Advising clients since 2005.


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